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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Math Subject Area Exam Workshops

Dear Math Education Majors,

We are preparing to have a series of subject area workshops for students who are planning on becoming Math Teachers. These workshops are highly recommended even if students are not finished with all high level college Math courses; the sessions will teach not only the subject matter, but also what to expect from the FTCE (Math 6-12) Subject Area Exam.

There will be 4 workshops, which will break down all items on the test; each session will be different.

Schedule: 9:30am - 1:30pm, Saturdays...

11/7/09 - South Campus Bldg 69, Room 124
11/14/09 - South Campus Bldg 69, Room 124
11/21/09 - South Campus Bldg 69, Room 124
12/5/09 - South Campus Bldg 72, Room 138

Please RSVP via email to mpere@broward.edu. These would count towards your lending library points at South Campus.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Join us this Thursday, Oct 22 at 5pm on the 4th Floor of the Central Campus Library for our workshop on Resume Writing. Learn:

* Styles of resumes
* How to get started on your resume
* Tips to make your resume stand out
* Things you can do to add to your resume
* More, more, more....

Come join us for some FABULOUS desserts and even more FANTASTIC information!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Support Group for Title V Students


2:00pm - 4:00pm

Bldg 17 (Central Campus Library), Room 425

Facilitators: Marla Bennett, Ph.D. & Jennie d'Anjou, M.A.

The goal of the Title V Co-op Support Group is to provide teacher education majors at Broward College with the opportunity to address various challenges as a means to ensure personal and academic success for future educational leaders!

Every month we will explore a specific topic and issue in a supportive group environment with solution-focused resources to ameliorate common issues affecting students who are faced with challenging, real life concerns. The goal of each meeting will be to connect with one another as well as identify ways that we can improve our personal lives by eliminating stress and negativity in our daily lives and be an active agent in this change.

Transitions to FAU Workshops

Do you have questions about transferring to FAU? Are you confused about the admissions process? Financial Aid? What classes you need to take once you're accepted??

Have no fear!!
Join us for one of our Transitions to FAU Workshops:

-- Oct 7: 11am - 12pm
-- Oct 20: 3pm - 4pm
-- Nov 5: 11am - 12pm

Central Campus, FAU Bldg ES/102 (BC Bldg 52)

Representatives from Admissions, Academic Advisement (Teacher Education), and Financial Aid will be present to answer your questions about FAU, you don't want to miss it!!!